The End

Agnes Waterhouse is known for the end of her life. Never for the life she lived. For one we know nothing about the life she had before she was around the age of 60 and thrown into the world of witchcraft. Weather that’s by Elizabeth or she seaked Elizabeth out just like the woman saliors we learned about in class for something different in life. Whichever that my be Agnes believed wholly that she was a witch and usually if the accused believes then everybody else with along with them. Does this mean she deserved to die? I don’t think so a lot of her story doesn’t add up and it’s very hard to try to put together the pieces. There’s nothing known of Elizabeth’s husband or why she would kill him or her neighbor. The cat familiar, Satan, could of acted out of his own accord or at the hands of Elizabeth in the killings. But it will never be known Agnes’ death will forever be a mystery but it will always be significant because she’s the first to be hung for such crimes.

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