Its a Trap?

Now since I’ve been reading up on everything Agnes and theres not a lot clearly. But what I’ve gathered from them I’ve come up with something quit odd. As its known there is nothing on Agnes Waterhouse before she was 60 years old which is a problem. But a lot of articles state that Elizabeth Francis the woman who was taught at the young age of 12 about witchcraft by her grandmother, was Agnes Waterhouse’s sister. Which really doesn’t add up and though the stories of Agnes, mostly what seems like are told from Elizabeth, make her seem like she doesn’t know a thing about witchcraft. Even says that when Elizabeth gave Agnes her cat Satan, that Satan was teaching her witchcraft as well. Mentioning also that Elizabeth got Satan when she was 12 and I’m going to guess her and Agnes were around same age. Which is extremely odd along with everything else. But I guess a cat does have 9 lives. So the big question here is did Agnes do these things? Or was it Elizabeth?

As seen in my previous post Elizabeth and her frisky feline get into a lot of trouble together and it seems that Agnes hasn’t known Elizabeth for all that long. Agnes herself however confessed that she said she kept it in a pot lined with wool and had turned it into a toad, because of all the trouble it caused her. So why would a witch practically lock away her own familiar? Agnes’ whole story is an enigma and will forever continue to be. She was the first woman to die for being a witch but was she really a witch? Or once again along with the all witch trails was she an innocent? Or just her own kind of crazy. We’ll never know.


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