What of Elizabeth?

There is one person that is mentioned many times with Agnes’s story and that would be Elizabeth Francis. Elizabeth was believed to be Agnes’s sister with whom she practiced magic with. Elizabeth is also the woman who introduced Agnes to the cat familiar Satan.Elizabeth was convicted three times for witchcraft her time with Agnes being the second. Her first accusation was that she bewitched John the infant son of William Auger so that he became paralyzed. She confessed and spent a year in prison. Her third time though, most defiantly was the charm for she was hanged in the gallows of Chelmsford. But this isn’t even all of her story. Before Elizabeth was hanged for her third conviction she was off doing horrible things with her cat. First to was trying to obtain a rich husband. Her first husband was a man by the name of Andrew Byles. She gave herself to this man beforehand only for him to refuse to marry her afterwards. Angry and wanting revenge she sent Satan after him to touch Byles body causing him to die. Then thinking she may be pregnant with his child, she took the herbs given to her by her trusty sidekick to abort the pregnancy. But of course one is never enough. She later asked Satan for another husband and he promised her Christopher Francis. Elizabeth gave herself to him and he honored the agreement by marrying her and also giving her a child. The marriage of course wasn’t all that she dreamed of. When her child turned six months of age she willed Satan to kill it to try and fix her relationship. Satan did as told but things didn’t improve. So the she did what Elizabeth does and she once again told Satan to do the dead. This time her turned into a toad in one of Christopher’s shoes and once her touched it with his foot he became lame and could not be healed.

What occurred in the years after this is unsure but finally in 1572 Elizabeth popped up again for her second offense of bewitching a Mary wife of William Cocks. She was found guilty and imprisoned for one year. The final mention of Elizabeth Francis was in 1579. She was convicted of bewitching Alice Poole, spinster, wife of Richard Poole of Hatfield Peverel, so that she died. Elizabeth would be hanged for her third and final conviction. I guess you can’t get away with everything.

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