The Inquisition

Looking for information on Agnes Waterhouse I came upon the actually thing that was the dawn of the witch hunts. To truly understand Agnes Waterhouse I believe you must understand why the witch hunts even begin. Now I didn’t know much about this I just figured the church went with it because there are  bible verses about witches or in this case sorcerers or those who speak to the dead. But it seems this actually starts with the Inquisition. Now the inquisition is a practically a police force for the church that engaged chiefly in combating and punishing heresy. So no surprise really that they have some reasoning behind witch hunts. It was also created by the Roman Catholic Church in the 13th century. Around December of 1484 Pope Innocent passed a document that condemned witchcraft. Two men Jakob Sprenger and Heinrich Kramer were the inquisitors that were sent to deal with the problem. They put together a book that was called Malleus Maleficarum, or The Hammer of Witches. Protestants and Catholics accepted this as authority on witches. This book gives it all stories of witches based of folklore, presented theological and legal arguments against witchcraft, and gave a list on how to identify and pretty much kill a witch. If that doesn’t scream the reason behind the whole witch hunt I don’t know what does. This book is described as being the most vicious and most damaging book in all world literature.