The Life and Times of Agnes Waterhouse

The time and place actually do have a lot to do with the execution of Agnes Waterhouse besides her convictions. Besides the fact that Agnes was on trial for murder and the fact that her own daughter spoke out against her, the setting in which she was in also had a bit to do with her death. Agnes lived in Essex, England which is about an hour away from London. So as you can guess the people saw it as something a little to close to home. Considering that Agnes told her cat to make her neighbor ill and apparently kill her husband. There is also the fact that she was a healer so to speak she worked with herbs and such oddities that would call attention to her. Then theres the huge looked over factor of the Witchcraft Act of 1562 to put it simply The Act Aganist Conjurations, Enchantments and Witchcrafts was an eye for an eye. Pretty much if any of these actions resulted in death, the accused would be put to death. So all in all it was the law Agnes had no way whatsoever to come out of that alive once she gave her confession. Though her friend Elizabeth Francis was given a lighter sentence but was hanged after a second conviction later on. Joan Waterhouse however was set free and was never charged for anything.


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