Why were you the first?

The one thing Agnes Waterhouse is known for is the fact that she was the first one to be excuicuted for witchcraft in England. So I would like to understand why she was the first one to be killed why not the ones before her? Was it because she pretty much said yea I’m a witch and gave out every little detail as to why?  Reading up on it it’s seems that it was bound to happen it just seems Agnes was convicted and found guilty of witchcraft at the wrong time. Considering the growing terror of witchcraft at the time someone was doomed to get executed for it Agnes just happened to be that person. Which is terrible but then again she told her whole life story of how she was raised as a witch. Practically asking for it because there’s nothing I’ve found that says that the confession was tortured out of her. She was trailed as a witch and a murder practically. But the one thing that bothers me is that she believed whole heartedly that she was a witch, died for it even, so was she really?



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