Tis but a Cat

So what exactly did get Agnes Waterhouse accused in the first place for being a witch? She was mainly accused of using her witch abilities to make her neighbor, William Fynne fall ill and die. But other than that she was also charged with death of livestock, and well bringing about the death of her husband of course. Now it didn’t seem like Agnes was very innocent considering her fiend Elizabeth Francis confessed to a lot. For instance, owning a white spotted cat named Satan who was her familiar. The cat she revived from her grandmother who taught her witchcraft at the young age of 12. Now she said this crazy feline spoke to her and would do as she pleased as long as a drop of blood was given. She also stated that the cat killed her 6th month old baby, but of course Elizabeth believed it was meant to be. Then the cat was given to Agnes later on so he could do her bidding as well. Crazy what havoc just a little spotted cat could cause. 

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